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Pricing your property

Pricing your property correctly is crucial

priceThis is a big question. Price your property too low and you miss out on the best return. Too high and you miss out on the potential buyers.

Realistically priced properties generate more inquiries, which mean higher levels of interest and occasionally an increased competition between buyers. Pricing your property can give buyers the flexibility to make conditional offers if this is of interest to you.

You may have met with other agents and have been promised an unrealistically high sales price. These promises can result in the property staying on the market for a longer time, with an eventual sale price reached that is below actual market value. The time spent researching market condition is invaluable here. It also helps to avoid putting any barriers in the way of potential buyers. One such barrier may be price – as many potential buyers can disregard properties based on price alone. Setting a realistic price is crucial, and this will need to be determined in conjunction with your Harcourts sales consultant.